From Marseille to Pusan by train
In-between documentary and Art video, " Where are you going ? " is a digital movie relating a train trip from France to Korea. And because many reasons can lead someone on a trip, a recurrent question is asked to them : " Where are you going ? "
Map of the journey il
Editing : Fabien Adam
Camera : Kim Jung Eun / Fabien Adam
Sound editing : Damien Desandre
Production : Art in’motion
Co-production : Super Sonic Paris
DV Color
40 minutes
Color– 4/3 – Sound
Subtitle : French / Korean / English
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With the support from :
Super sonic production Paris, MediACT Seoul, Dalbe 18,
Ministry of foreign affair and tourism of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

© Art in’motion 2008
Photo : Marseille St Charles station © Christophe Moustier

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